What to Expect


Please plan to arrive at the Center for Advanced Ambulatory Surgery one hour prior to your scheduled surgery time. This allows us enough time to take care of necessary tasks such as registration, preparation, anesthesia, etc.


On the evening before your surgery, we recommend eating a light dinner and increasing your fluid intake. Please note that it is important that you have nothing to eat or drink after midnight the night before your scheduled surgery date. This includes no chewing tobacco, gum, mints, and hard candies. We also recommend that you do not smoke or consume alcohol 24 hours prior to surgery.

Hygiene and Dress

We recommend that you follow these hygiene and dress recommendations listed below:


Before your scheduled surgery, please make arrangements to have a responsible adult drive you home as well as stay with you the first night following your procedure.


You will need to discontinue any use of diet/herbal medications 14 days prior to surgery as well as stop taking aspirin, ibuprofen, and Naprosyn 7 days before surgery, unless otherwise instructed. It is okay to use Tylenol (acetaminophen). Prescription blood thinning medication will need to be discussed with your care team.

Items to Bring on the Day of Surgery

The following are some of the items we recommend that you bring with you on the day of your procedure:

What to Expect After Surgery

After surgery, you: